[title align=”center”]Steps to Find Your Match[/title][one_third]

Create Profile

Create a profile description with Thumbs Up Dating about yourself. The more you write in your profile, the more other members will be able to identify with you and will want to contact you! Include information about what you like, what you dislike, your passions, your fears, your personal beliefs, and your personality traits. This is your chance to shine and really show people what type of person you are!

Online Dating

Finding what you are looking for shouldn’t be difficult. Thumbs Up Dating we want to give you the options to pick what the right relationship that is right for you. We don’t like surprises that is why we made it mandatory for all members to post their profile picture or membership will be deleted.


Have it Your Way

Thumbs Up Dating We are not the ordinary dating site. Here you find what you are into if you wish to meet someone that wants to have an open relationship or maybe you wish to have it both ways. You will find it here.